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Until further notice the following rules apply to all patches:

Unused labels

Unused labels must not be removed because they might have been used in older branches. If a label gets removed those translations would be lost in older branches. We are thinking of a way to deprecate labels and will keep you updated accordingly.

Changes in wording

Wording of single labels may be changed, as long as the original semantic is not changed. You must not change the meaning of a label or add more parameters that are then used by %s. In case you need to add a change like the ones permitted above, please add a new label.

Moving files

You may move files around within the core. Reasons for that might be that you merged functionality or moved an extension around.

Renaming files

You may rename a translation file but must not split it into multiple files since we use the unique id to track move and renaming of translation files.

New language files

Every new language file must have a unique id (timestamp “now”) in the header that is not changed if the file is moved later on. The head of a language file looks like this then:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xliff version="1.0" xmlns:t3="">
  <file t3:id="<timestamp>" source-language="en" datatype="plaintext" original="messages" date="2014-12-04T09:12:34Z" product-name="core">


We are currently encountering problems with Pootle, our translation server. There are concepts in place but they lack the necessary funding. You can read up on the background here: