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mixed, like on demand

- Tests (unit and functional testing)

Date and Location

5.08.15 - 8.08.15 at hmmh Bremen

Update: we were invited for the weekend to continue coding (and therefor educating) at the TYPO3camp Hamburg. So we end at Bremen on friday afternoon and go to Hamburg (not required of course).

hmmh - multimediahaus AG Am Weser-Terminal 1

28217 Bremen

Ansprechpartner: Judith Menke (; +49 (0)421/69 650 411 )

Public transport to location and hotel:

start point: Bremen Hauptbahnhof

target point: Bremen Eduard-Schopf-Allee

buy a ticket for 2.60 Eur


in Bremen: Zollhaus (ca. 100m from location) Am Kaffee-Quartier 1 28217 Bremen

in Hamburg: Panorama Harburg (ca. 1.5km from location) Harburger Ring 8-10 D-21073 Hamburg

both Hotels are without breakfast, so we need to take care of that.


there is room for up to 20 participants

# Attendee Hotel needed arriving the night before will attend t3chh comment
1 Anja Leichsenring yes yes yes camp ticket bought
2 Sascha Wilking no from Bremen yes
3 Jan Runte no from Bremen yes
4 Frank Nägler yes no yes camp ticket bought
5 Susanne Moog no from Bremen yes camp ticket bought
X Mathias Schreiber yes collides with T3AMD
6 Christian Kuhn yes no yes kartoffelsalat
7 Markus Günther yes no yes
8 Daniel Maier yes yes yes camp ticket bought
9 Andreas Wolf yes yes no need to leave on Thursday already (cousin’s wedding on Friday)
10 Manuel Selbach yes yes yes
11 Wouter Wolters yes no no
12 Benjamin Mack yes no no joining on wednesday night (around 9pm) via train