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This sprint aims for improving the sysext forms. There are tons of features and bugs. Since there are only a few weeks left till feature freeze we want to concentrate on implementing features and later on (as part of following sprints) shoot the bugs. For further information check out the "sprint board".

We are providing current installations of latest versions of 6.2 and 7.5 including a lot of test forms. That is there's no need for hacking own forms.

This is an internal sprint, no official organisation involved. Participation is welcome though. TRITUM will provide food and beverages as well as enough working space, internet and "Thuringian Bratwurst" on Friday night.


27.08.15 - 29.08.15 (maybe 30.08.15) at TRITUM in Jena


  • Otto-Schott-Straße 13 Gebäude 1
  • 07745 Jena


  • Björn Jacob
  • Email:
  • Phone: +49 (3641) 79799-40
  • Website


There is room for up to 10 participants at the location.

# Attendee Hotel needed Arriving the night before Comment
- Daniel Working remotely
1 Ralf
2 Sebastian
3 Björn
4 Rene only Thursday and Friday
5 Robert only Thursday and Friday
6 Oliver Hader yes no arriving by car from Hof/DE
7 Anja Leichsenring yes yes Saturday (and sunday, if needed), arriving friday evening