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no codesprint during dev days, sorry guys :) There will be the AcMe and some nice sessions, you will not become bored. Trust me.

But there will be the Active Contributors Meeting directly before the DevDays. This is a meeting for the ACs and therefor for non ACs only with invitation.

As for Location and Accomodation, please refer to the T3DD15 Webpage. Rooms can be kept for the DevDays afterwards. There are no single rooms.

We start monday, 13.07.15. There is no possibility for accomodation starting sunday, sorry. Except you look for yourself in town of course.

50 slots are available, combined for CMS and Neos team. Seperate Meeting rooms are available.

# Attendee Team Hotelroom with ... arriving the night before attends ACME attends T3DD
1 Anja Leichsenring CMS don't care yes yes no
2 Thomas Maroschik CMS non snorer please ;) yes yes
3 Felix Kopp CMS solo prefered yes yes yes
4 Nicole Cordes CMS yes yes yes
5 Helmut Hummel CMS yes yes yes
6 Benni Mack CMS single-room preferred (snorer) yes yes
7 Markus Klein CMS Georg Ringer yes yes
8 Georg Ringer CMS Markus Klein yes yes
9 Stefan Froemken CMS don't need a room anymore yes yes yes
10 Frank Nägler CMS single-room preferred (snorer) yes yes yes
11 Mathias Schreiber CMS Benji / Benni / Whatever yes yes yes
12 Andreas Wolf CMS non-snorer preferred  no yes yes
13 Patrick Broens CMS yes yes yes
14 Frans Saris CMS no yes yes
15 Benjamin Kott CMS Mattes is fine yes yes yes
16 Christian Kuhn CMS I'll be back yes yes yes
17 Tymoteusz Motylewski CMS no. Will stay until Fri evening yes yes
18 Stefan Neufeind CMS don't care yes yes
19 Xavier Perseguers CMS don't care (Benni is fine even if snorer :D if no single room) yes yes yes
20 Steffen Ritter CMS don't care, but I'm a heavy snorer yes, booked on my own sun/mo yes yes
21 Jigal van Hemert CMS don't care, but I snore no yes
22 Susanne Moog CMS don't care yes yes yes
23 Wouter Wolters CMS don't care, but I snore no yes yes
24 Oliver Hader CMS single-room preferred no most probably yes yes
Alexander Opitz CMS no no
Steffen Müller CMS no no
Sascha Egerer CMS no no
Andreas Fernandez CMS no no