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Date and Location

15.06.2015 - 18.06.2015

20 rue des jardins
92600 Asnières


Metro: Gabriel Péri // Ligne 13

Where to eat // Où manger ?
Where to sleep // Où dormir ?

Smile will be open starting from 9:30AM with tea, coffee & pastries.

Introduce yourself at the reception, you'll be redirected to the reserved meeting rooms.


- Backend UI We plan to remove all ExtJS leftovers and improve user exprierence for editors and integrators.

- Evangelism: bring the french and the rest of the community closer together

This sprint will be big in size, and the main goal is to bring the communities together.

There will be 10 slots, which should be occupied by experienced sprint attendees. You should blindly know the review workflow and can it explain to others. French language knowledge might come in handy. You will help to set up working environments and propose guidance for all the steps needed to prepare a patch and get it merged.

From french side there will be 15 slots, which should be occupied by all interested folk who can manage to participate. Knowledge of english language will ease the communication, the guys from Smile proposed to translate, though. Bring a laptop and if you have a working test environment set up with current master. Everything not working will be taken care of on site. Join the main communication tool Slack (, join channel #typo3-cms and make yourself known. You will be picked up there.

Last thing for everyone: codesprints are fun, people and hard work. You will come short on sleep, but will gain a whole lot of knowledge, stories, fun and new friends. There is no valid reason to not attend a sprint, who ever you are and what ever you think you don't know.

Need more information? Join Slack (see above) and ask for Anja Leichsenring or Mathias Schreiber.


# Community/Expertise Attendee Need Hotel Arrive at (date/time) Additional Info text
1 DE/Sprint-Pro Felix Kopp yes - -
2 DE/Sprint-Pro Benni Mack yes - -
3 DE/Sprint-Beginner Daniel Maier yes - -
4 DE/Sprint-Pro Mathias Schreiber yes - -
5 DE/Sprint-Pro Andreas Wolf yes - will probably already be in Paris
6 DE/Sprint-Pro Christian Kuhn yes - -
7 DE/Sprint-Experienced Jan Helke yes - -
8 RO/Sprit-Beginner Alina Fleser yes - -
9 DE/Sprint-Beginner Alexander Krist no - -
10 DE/Sprint-Beginner Heiko Hardt yes Sun, 12:05@Paris Nord -
11 FR/Never Sprint Romain L no - @Smile
12 FR/Never Sprint Jonathan IROULIN no - already in Paris
13 FR/Never Sprint Pierrick Caillon yes - -
14 FR/Never Sprint Gilles F no - @Smile
15 FR/Never Sprint Arnaud A no - @Smile
16 FR - - - -
17 FR - - - -
18 FR - - - -
19 FR - - - -
20 FR - - - -