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Date and Location

12.09.2015 - 16.09.2015 at Mittwald, Espelkamp, Germany


Königsberger Str. 6

32339 Espelkamp

Contact: Philipp Stranghöner


Fon: +495772293100


we booked 15 - 20 rooms

Hotel Westfalen Hof

Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 13

32369 Rahden

update for the saturday, you will be picked up at 9:15 am at the hotel reception. Breakfast is included in the hotel.

Arrival via Train

The best Station to travel to would be Minden (Westf.). We organized a Shuttletransfer to the Hotel so we need your arrivel times in Minden.


- preparing CMS7 LTS

pressing task: proofread the Changelog rst files and update the reference documentation with deprecations, features and breaking changes.

Sprint Board on Forger


20 Attendees max

# Attendee Need Hotel Attends (days) Additional Info text Arrival in Minden Email address for latest infos
1 Nicole Cordes yes Fri - Wed - Fri 19:10 (same train as Jan Helke)
2 Anja Leichsenring yes Mon - Wed TYPO3camp Munich before -
3 Mathias Brodala yes Sat - Wed - Fri 19:10 by train,
departure Wed 12:49
4 Marc Bastian Heinrichs no TBA (one day) need a lift from/to OS -
5 Morton Jonuschat yes Sat - Wed - -
6 Jan Helke yes Sat - Wed - ETA Fri 19:10 at Minden (Westf)
ETD Wed 16:49 from Minden (Westf)
7 Christian Kuhn yes Mon - Wed - -
8 Mathias Schreiber yes Mon - Wed TYPO3camp Munich before -
9 Loek Hilgersom yes Sat - Wed Will drive by car to Espelkamp sat. morning -
10 Michael Oehlhof yes Fri - Tue ETA Fri around 20:00 by car -
11 Susanne Moog - Monday (only) - -
12 Thorsten Bringewatt no Sat - Wed - -
13 Oliver Thiele no Mon - Wed TYPO3camp Munich before -
14 Stephan Großberndt yes Fri - Tue - ETA Fri 19:47 at Minden (Westf)
ETD Tue 20:12 from Minden (Westf)
15 Alexander Stehlik yes Fri - Tue -