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Date and Location

Date: 18. - 21. April

Location: MaxServ, Taxandriaweg 11, 5142 PA Waalwijk, The Netherlands

Google-maps: Location on Google Maps


Combined code sprint and TYPO3camp offer. Interested people can join the TYPO3camp Venlo afterwards. A team trip to Venlo will be organized together with the sprint. The camp ticket is included into the code sprint participation, so the camp is free of charge for code sprint participants.

Please note: accomodation during the sprint is organized centrally and covered by the TYPO3 Core Development Budget. For your bed during the camp you will be responsible on your own, organisational and payment wise.

Topics: Contribution Introduction, casual ticket work

More information:


Hotel Waalwijk (website)


30 Attendees max

# Attendee Need Hotel attends (days) arrival sunday participate TYPO3 Camp Venlo arrive by car, can offer seats to Venlo Additional Info text
1 Richard Haeser no all no yes yes Local / Your guide @MaxServ
2 Mathias Schreiber yes yes yes yes 2 seats off DUS
3 Michiel Roos no all
4 Arno Schoon no tbd
5 Nicole Cordes yes all no yes arriving Monday evening
6 Patrick Broens no 19-21 I have to as an organizer ;-) 3 seats to Venlo Leaves earlier on thursday since organizing the camp in Venlo
7 Frans Saris yes all no yes 3 seats to Venlo
8 Helmut Hummel yes all no yes arriving Monday evening
9 Philipp Gampe yes 19.-21. no yes no I will arrive on 19. late afternoon/night.
10 Stephan Großberndt yes 17.-21. yes no with Mathias Schreiber arriving on Sunday if possible
11 Loek Hilgersom yes 19-20 no no no arriving tue morning, leaving wednesday evening
12 Jonathan IROULIN yes all yes yes no French and English speaking. Arriving on Sunday if possible.
13 Christoph Kratz yes all yes no no
14 Jigal van Hemert no mo,we,th no no no office hours only
15 Frank Baak no all no no
16 Peter Foerger yes 19-21 no yes no
17 Wouter Wolters yes 18-19 yes no no
18 Rinke van den Berg no all no no no
19 Rob De Vries Yes 21st no yes car, from Antwerp Will code for coffee
-- Seats taken get in touch with Anja on Slack or via email: