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Date and Location

1-4. August

anders und sehr GmbH
Heßbrühlstr. 7
70565 Stuttgart
You'll find further details on the website:



B&B Hotel Stuttgart-Vaihingen Schockenriedstraße 33 70565 Stuttgart

reservation centrally, please define the days of your attendance in the list below.

Breakfast not included.

Single Room for each participant


12 Attendees max

# Attendee Need Hotel attends (days) Additional Info text
1 Mathias Schreiber yes all -
2 Anja Leichsenring yes all arriving sunday
3 Ralf Zimmermann yes all arriving monday around 2 p.m.
4 Björn Jacob yes all arriving monday around 2 p.m.
5 Tobias Adolph no all arriving monday
6 Oliver Hader yes all -
7 Markus Hölzle no all -
8 Sebastian Bumann yes all arriving monday
9 Christian Kuhn yes all arriving monday
10 Benni Mack no all arriving monday around 13ish
11 Thomas Schlumberger no all arriving monday around 13ish
12 Benjamin Gröner no tue-thu -
-- seats taken get in touch with Anja on Slack or via email: -