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Date and Location

14-17. January 2016

plan2net GmbH opensource - consulting - implementation
Sieveringer Straße 37 1190 Wien


@kraftb: I suggest to implement a feature which allows to use CTRL-C, CTRL-V to simply import/export a single content element (or even a page) from one TYPO3 instance into another instance, if possible even across browser/session.

@Wolfgang: There are a couple of localization issues with Extbase we could fix.

@Masi: Let's refactor the Import/Export extension. Make it Fluid based and add a CLI to it. We can then go on and improve performance (CPU and RAM). I have already done some research what slows the extension down.

@kraftb: ++@Masi

==> sysext:impexp improvements, extbase localisation


Hotel "Kaiser Franz Josef"

The hotel is only in a distance of 250m to the plan2net office:

10 single bed roomes are reserved - exclusively breakfast. If the list fills up with more than 15 people needing accomodation, don't worry, we will take care. Just put yourself in the list and state you need a bed. Breakfast is EUR 15,- additionally (not included into reimbursement), in the great "Kurkonditorei Oberlaa" in the hotel or at the plan2net office.

The plan is to have breakfast together in the office, so you still don't need to take care yourself.

Arrival by plane / train / car

Check out the pdf in the download link on this site.

In case you get lost, call the plan2net office +43 1 328 00 63-0 and we will save your soul.


15 Attendees max

# Attendee Need Hotel attends (days) Additional Info text
1 Markus Klein no 14.-15. -
2 Bernhard Kraft <> yes - so I can also be there in the evenings all days good to see other events than t3board in .at
3 Martin Kutschker no all days if we work longer than 23:00, I will sleep at the hotel
5 Georg Ringer yes 14.-16. -
6 Reinhard Führicht no all days -
7 Morton Jonuschat yes 14.-17. will arrive Thursday evening
8 Anja Leichsenring yes all days arriving Wednesday evening
9 Ludwig Rafelsberger yes (15.-16. overnight) 15.-16. will arrive Friday around 9:30
10 - - - -
11 - - - -
12 - - - -
13 - - - -
14 - - - -
15 - - - -