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Date and Location

Date: Thursday 1. - Sunday 4. of December

Location: snowflake productions gmbh, Birmensdorferstrasse 94, 8003 Zürich

Google Maps:

Tavel by:


  • Car park is about 40 CHF a day!




it is the last sprint in 2016, and we have no dedicated topic set, but a goal: bring the open review count down to less than 200 (see stats here). We managed once to do that, we can do it again. So the topic is casual ticket work.


easy Hotel Zuerich

Adresse Zwinglistrasse 14

04. Aussersihl

8004 Zürich

Telefon +41 43 322 05 51

Please note: no breakfast included in the booking.


15 Attendees max

# Attendee Need Hotel (arrival wednesday?) attends (days) Additional Info text (food preferences, other requests)
1 Anja Leichsenring yes (yes) all arrival wednesday evening
2 Oliver Hader yes all arriving Wednesday evening, leaving around Sunday's lunch time, travelling by train
3 Alexander Stehlik yes (no) all Train Zuerich HB, arriving Thursday 15:00, leaving Sunday 17:00
4 Jan Helke yes (yes) all Arrival wednesday evening. Need a working power outlet next to my bed.
5 Markus Sommer yes (no) all Arrival Thursday 13:00 by Bus
6 Alexander Rothmund no for sure thursday and friday
7 Daniel Alder no thursday and friday
8 Manuel Glauser no all
9 Gianluigi Martino no thursday and friday for sure
10 Susanne Moog yes (yes) all wednesday evening - sunday morning
11 Gleb Levitin yes (yes) all
12 Valentin Funk no (no) Friday/Saturday for sure Travelling by train
13 Florian Mast yes (yes) all wednesday night - sunday morning
11 Johannes Goslar yes (yes) Thursday->Saturday evening vegetarian
-- Seats taken get in touch with Anja on Slack or via email: