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Development/Sprints/2016/Security 1

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Date and Location

Date: Thursday 26. - Sunday 29. of May


Bianco, Fritz und Kandel Bürogemeinschaft

Lister Meile 72

30161 Hannover,+30161+Hannover/@52.3873451,9.7470248,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47b07355e6e87a5b:0xee52c216a395d52e


TYPO3 Security Team Code Sprint.


A&C City Hotel Hannover

Hamburger Allee 55, 30161 Hannover

there is no breakfast included in the reservation.


10 Attendees max

# Attendee Need Hotel attends (days) Additional Info text
1 Helmut Hummel no all days -
2 Nicole Cordes no all days -
3 Markus Klein yes Fr-Su Flight: Arr Fr 7:50 (EW5800), Dep Sun 20:50 (EW5805)
4 Oliver Hader yes all days arriving Wed evening Thu
5 Torben Hansen yes all days Train, Arr Thu 09:38, Dep Sun 12:36
6 Valentin Despa yes Thu - Sat Train, Arr Wed 20:17, Dep Sun 9:41
7 Stephan Großberndt yes Thu - Sat Train, Arr Wed 20:28, Dep Sat evening
8 Wouter Wolters yes all days By car, will arrive thursday around 12:00
9 Christian Kuhn yes Thu - Su Train
10 - - - -
-- Seats taken get in touch with Anja on Slack or via email: -