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Development/Sprints/2016/Security 2

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Date and Location

Date: Thursday 10. - Sunday 13. of November

Location: KO-Web / medienkern, Hackhausen 2b, 42697 Solingen

Google Maps / Directions:


TYPO3 Security Team Code Sprint.


Guestrooms chateau Hackhausen

Hackhausen 1

42697 Solingen

The Rooms for Security Code Sprint (10. - 13.11.) are booked, pls contact me if we need arrange changes! - Ole (


12 Attendees max, if necessary we can arrange more seats (max 18)

# Attendee Need Hotel attends (days) Additional Info text
1 Benjamin Mack yes all days snorer
2 Nicole Cordes yes all days -
3 Markus Klein yes all days Flights OS205 0640-0810, OS212 2030-2155
4 Adrian von Arx yes all days share room with my partner
5 Stefan Neufeind yes Sa/So I'm open to share a room
6 Valentin Despa yes Th/Fr -