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Date and Location

23.-25. February 2017

Systime Solutions
Sonnesgade 11
8000 Aarhus C.

Note: All in-door areas at Systime Solutions are non-smoking; smoking must happen outside.


Give the last polishing to our upcoming LTS release. No new features to be merged, just stabilisation.

Plan for Code Sprint in Aarhus


  • We start at 9:00 on Systime (the doors are open from 8:00). Nicole will be given a key brick.
  • At 13:00 we will have lunch in the restaurant (simple one course)
  • At 16-17 there will be a PHPJutland meet-up, where several TYPO3 agencies from Jutland will participate. We hope that all Code Sprint participants will partake.
  • From 17:30-19:00: A two-course dinner in the restaurant for both Code Sprint and PHPJutland participants.


  • We start at 9:00 at Systime
  • At 13:00 we have lunch.
  • At 14:00: We order pizza from Pizza Propria, which make the best gourmet pizzas in Aarhus :-)
  • At 15:30-18:00 the Systime Friday Bar will be open. Code Sprint participants are welcome to join in with the Systimers or just go grab a beer and go back to coding. The Friday Bar are a low-key event with usually a few handful participants.
  • At 18:00 we eat pizza and code!


  • We start at 9:00 at Systime.
  • At 13:00 we have lunch.
  • At 16:00 the code sprint ends.


Hotel Ritz
Banegårdspladsen 12
DK - 8000 Aarhus C

for the first night, we only got double rooms. For the other ones, single rooms are booked for everyone (except Helmut and Nicole).

The room is yours from 14:00 on the day of arrival on the departure day, check out is at 11:00.

Walking time from the hotel to Systime is 8-9 minutes; directions.

Arrival by plane / train / car

Airports: There are two airports usually used when flying in: Billund Airport or Aarhus-Tirstrup Airport. An alternative flying route is to go to Kastrup Airport (just outside Copenhagen) and then hop on the train to Aarhus; it is a three hour train ride.

By train: Systime is located a short walk from the main train station.

By car: A parking garage can be found in Scandinavian Congress Center; it is a five minute walk to both Systime and several of the hotels in the area. Most hotels also have their own parking lot or garage.

Touristy stuff

Aarhus ranks second on Lonely Planets: Best in Europe list, and is the European Cultural Capital 2017.

Danish currency: The currency is Danish Kroner; one Danish Krone is € 0,13. VISA is accepted in most places, and there are ATMs throughout the city which accept virtually any kind of international credit card.


20 Attendees max (initially capped at 15 attendees; added 5 more places on 12. Jan.)

# Attendee Need Hotel (arriving the day before?) attends (days) Additional Info text like food preferences or stuff we should know
1 Nicole Cordes yes (yes) all -
2 Helmut Hummel yes (yes) all -
3 Jasmina Ließmann yes (yes) all -
4 Claus Due no all -
5 Kasper Ligaard no all -
6 Jörg Kummer yes (yes) all -
7 Faton Haliti no all -
8 Anders Kostending Hansen no all -
9 Thomas Hohn no all -
10 Mads Lønne Jensen no all -
11 Christer Vindberg no Thu-Fri (maybe Sat) -
12 Morten Pless no all -
13 Johannes Goslar yes (yes) all vegetarian
14 Marc Neuhaus yes all -
15 Timo Hund yes (yes) all -

No accommodation or travel expenses can be reimbursed from core team budget below this mark. You can attend the sprint, but need to cover your expenses by yourself or find a sponsor. If you need accommodation, get in touch with the hotel on your own.

# Attendee Need Hotel (arriving the day before?) attends (days) Additional Info text like food preferences or stuff we should know