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Date and Location

1.-4. June 2017

Start: 1.6. 11:00

End: 4.6. 15:00

Team WFP
Konrad-Zuse-Ring 12a
41179 Mönchengladbach


You like frontend integration and backend UI/UX? This sprint is for you!

This is the first frontend related sprint, that means we will mainly concentrate on backend UI/UX and frontend integration in general. In short everything from editing records in the backend and rendering the output in the frontend to harden our best practice approaches and making editors and integrators life even more awesome.

Making Fluid Styled Content easier to adapt, reconsidering the way how to build a website with TYPO3, providing new APIs for custom content elements or fixing existing ones. The list is long and we need skilled developers to help us in that area.

In addition to the usual required skill set we expect from participants, this time we are looking also for people who are deep into HTML/CSS/JavaScript. NPM, Grunt, RequireJS, TypeScript and SCSS should be no strangers for you, but you do not need to be an expert.

We will also take on the editing interface that includes low hanging fruits like finally fixing the view module, correcting contrasts, finetune whitespace and CSS refactoring.


Best Western Plus Crown Hotel
Aachener Strasse 120

41061 Mönchengladbach

Please note: no arrival on wednesday covered in the accomodation.


15 Attendees max

# Attendee need hotel attends (days) Additional Info text like food preferences or stuff we should know
1 x Benjamin Kott no All -
2 x Johannes Goslar yes All Vegetarian
3 x Willi Wehmeier no sat, sun -
4 x Mathias Schreiber no all -
5 x Marco Christian Krenn yes all Vegetarian, Arrival: 8:40 at DUS
6 x Susanne Moog no -sun have to leave saturday night
7 x Jo Hasenau yes all as discussed at T3CS would like to pick up Drag In Wizard
8 x Markus Sommer yes all carnivore
9 x Jasmina Ließmann yes all -
10 x Daniel Windloff yes all arrival: 11:40 Hbf
11 x Maik Hagenbruch yes all -
12 x Christian Kuhn yes all gummibaerchen
13 x Mona Muzaffar no fr-sa -
14 x Sven Laser no all -
15 X Oliver Hader no all -