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notice - This information is outdated

List of diagrams for TYPO3

Main diagram

TYPO3 Main Diagram

(from Inside TYPO3 ch. 2.1)

Rendering in the FE

FE rendering process

(in German, by Peter Niederlag)


This is a text version to help us make a new english FE diagram.

Feel free to add stuff and comments so it's complete then we will be able to produce a nice graphical version.


Set constants

Open DB connection

Load FE library ( all those require_once)

Creation of $TSFE object

Check to see if a BE user is logged

If BE exist then possibly show Admin Panel and FE editing tools and icons

Find waht is the page ID and TYPE

Check Access rights

Initialize TSFE (TS Template Engine)

Read page from CACHE if exist, if not then:

Config.* from TS setup is read

TYPO3 Core ARRAY (TCA) is read

Language is selected

If the page did not came from Cache then it is now written (if possible and wanted)

Content object (cObjects) that where not cached(USER_INT, PHP_SCRIPT_INT) are rendered and insert into the output

The page is displayed using echo();

FE session data is saved

Log data is written

Add the preview box of necessary