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This update in work by Steffen Müller and Daniel Brüßler.

notice - Draft

Change the {{draft}} marker to {{review}} when you need a reviewer for text and TypoScript. info

notice - Note

This information is outdated. Passages referring to SVN need to be replaced with the same in Git.

notice - Note

See also subversion

diff - create a "patch" file with your changes



patch - apply a "patch" file to your source code

The easiest way to do so is using a shell. Go into the source folder (thats were t3lib, misc und typo3 are in). Enter the following:

patch -p0 -i path/to/patch/file.diff

Instead of -i you can also just use <.

revert a patch - undo the patch

You can use the very same command with the additional parameter -R to revert the patch.

patch -p0 -R -i path/to/patch/file.diff

revert all changes

If you are using a SVN checkout, you are in luck. You can just use the following comment to revert all changes.

svn diff |patch -p0 -R

To clean up your install, don't forget to check for changed / added files. (Delete all *.orig!)

svn stat .

An empty result of 'svn stat' (no echo at all) means the svn checkout is clean.

quick patching

If you quickly want to apply patches from core test, there is an easier way then downloading. Just open the patch with your newsreader (if this is supported) and/or copy the patch content. Now type this in terminal:

patch -p0

Now paste the patch content, make sure the content ends with an empty line (press enter if it doesn't) and press twice (slowly) Ctrl+D. This will tell the patch program that you finished your input.

HowTo add a diff or patch in the bugtracker


TEMPLATE for new diff-Tools

  • für Extension z.B. News
  • für core z.B. em
  • create diff: see diff-patch
  • patch manuell einspielen
  • HowTo a diff or patch into the bugtracker