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Direct mail

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Advanced Direct Mail/Newsletter mailer system with sophisticated options for personalization of emails including response statistics.

Newsletter vs Direct mail

The general idea is to generate a page, which then will be fetched by the Direct Mail module. This page is called the newsletter. Direct Mail will use the rendered content of that page as template and then replace all remaining markers (such as name, salutation, unsubscribe links) and send the result to the recipient. The resulting record is the direct mail.

To sum up:

  • Newsletter - a regular TYPO3 page which resides here in the direct mail module. You can view the page in a browser and the point is that this page is finally send as a direct mail.
  • Direct Mail - a record that contains a compiled version of either a newsletter page or alternatively the content of an external url. In addition the direct mail contains information like the mail subject, any attachments, priority settings, reply addresses and all that. For each direct mail a log is kept of who has received the direct mail and if they responded to it.


DirectMail and TemplaVoila

DirectMail will work with TemplaVoila, but making and editing newsletters can not be done via the DirectMail module. Instead you create and edit a newletter in the same way as you make a new page inside the DirectMail SysFolder.


The »Direct Mail« extension does not deal with subscriptions. You have to use separate extensions to enable your users to subscribe to newsletters and maintain their accounts.

  • direct_mail_subscription
    • Most widely used subscription extension
    • [!] Does not work in TYPO3 CMS version 6.1 and newer
      • The extension itself is outdated and used horribly outdated core functions such as »«. The affected functions and classes moved to a system extension called »statictemplates« before, which was finally removed from the core in version 6.1 (see Forge
  • formhandler_subscription


  1. Install direct_mail
  2. Add a folder (like »Newsletter Storage)«
    1. Set the field »Use as Container - Contains Plugin« to »direct_mail«
    2. Add a configuration for the Direct Mail Module to the Page TSconfig of this folder (read the official documentation of direct_mail, all existing fields are explained in detail in there)
  3. Add a regular page inside of this folder
  4. Add TypoScript to render the newsletter - aka uglify the HTML output (remember, mail clients demand ugly, horrible table layout to display HTML newsletters)
  5. Add a recipient list to your newsletter folder
    1. You may use a plain list of recipients (CSV)
      1. Just copy and paste a list into the recipient list record (name, email)
    2. …or fetch address records
      1. Add another folder for all recipients
      2. Add recipients to your recipient folder (eg: install tt_adress and add address records)
      3. Set the recipients folder as starting point in your recipient list record
  6. Open the Direct Mail module, the newsletter folder (see step 2.1) and all pages inside of it should appear
  7. Select a page, click trough all steps of the module, finally select a recipient list and send
  8. Add a scheduler task to send all mails automatically (Open »Mailer Engine Status« to manually invoke the sending process)