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This page belongs to the Rewrite of DirectMail project (category Project)


During TYPO3 Conference 2006 the Idea for a Rewrite of the extension DirectMail came up. We are trying to coordinate this Project. Feel free to join the Discussion and Development.

The Current Version is 2.6.10 See direct_mail

The Forge is here:

You can see the Git repository here:

Olivier Dobberkau

Current Project Members

Can be found on this Page

SWOT Analysis

What's hot? What's not?



  • Plaintext version should have no need for extra configuration: (It could be so much easier...)
    • Simply use the html version, convert the h1-tags to -----
    • ul-tags to *
    • ol-tags to 1.
    • etc
    • all other tags (a, img, ...) and the html-header are stripped.
    • So no more hassle with configuring type 99 and so on. It would also have the advantage of being able to insert any kind of plugin which generates html output and not [Unrendered Content Element: list ] or sth...
  • Easier to use
  • Better UI (specification NEEDED!!!)

tcdirectmail has the ability to use extra types of receivers defined by other extensions. A future directmail extension should have this ability supported from the extension kickstarter, much the same way you would create a database true MM-relation. This way a newbie developer could write directmail support for his own address source.

  • Sending via external SMTP servers

(use of phps imap functions)

  • A bounce handler that does not depend on fetchmail.

(use of phps imap functions)

  • A slim, simple base extension.
  • Send by quantities or date/hour

Suppose you have 80 000 emails to send. You could ask to split the sending over 3 days, between 1AM and 3AM. Or send no more than 60 emails an hour. Tha kind of control let you manage your load and when you know your server is less busy.

  • Notification emails after sending of a scheduled newsletter has started and when it has completed


  • grapical statistics
  • 1-1 analysis of statistics: which user/usergroup has been sent which newsletter and when (also taking categories in account), has klicked how often which links in which newsletter and when etc.
  • Some kind of Approve-Tool which does a check against the HTML Code and provides a simple checkmarklist which tags or css styles will not work properly in which mailclient/webmail (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, Eudora, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live,......) based on the knowledge of campaignmonitor or other comprehensive studies:

(Maybe this is the wrong place for such a wish, should maybe be part of a general template repository of typo3)

Dynamic return analysis

Some of the most widespread MTA's responses are recognized at the moment. (Advanced) users should be able to add their own rules. A kind of repository for new rules or a defined way to get these into the extension may be an option in the end.

  1. list returned emails with recipient unknown (already implemented)
  2. link to "details" for every return
  3. show entry from sys_dmail_maillog (or explicit return handling table) and form to create e.g. regular expression

Project Ressources

The Forge is here:

You can see the Git repository here:


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