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Dirty Hands On Session

From May 22nd until May 24th 2008 a Dirty Hands On Session will be at Netcreators Arnhem. We want to work on the backend. Get it fully controlled by templates and improving usability.


  • Benni
  • Jens (Leader)
  • Steffen (I'm in on Sa)
  • Michiel
  • Frans
  • Patrick
  • Ben

Benni has compiled an action list:

1. We should have a "basic structure" skin (I call it "naked skin"), 
without any colors, as the replacement for the oldskin (the brown 
thing), that is basically black and white but completely usable. This is 
basically just a very big cleanup of the actual oldskin (with some ideas 
from t3skin taken maybe). As the basic icons we take what we have for 
t3skin and add more if we need some.

2. We create a skin on top of the "naked skin" that is the result of 
t3skin and t3skin_improved. It is very clean, simple and removes the 
flaws that we have right now. We don't need any additional icons as this 
is changed in the main TYPO3 gfx/ directory already.

3. We need to create a document that defines some basic structures and 
layout basics (e.g. docheader, what CSS classes to use) that we can give 
to programmers who want to create backend modules and that we can give 
to designers who want to create a skin.

4. We could release the "oldskin" as a extension in TER (although I 
don't have any ambitions in doing so).

Jens had some ideas :)

1. Fix bugs in 4.2 ... take some from the "evil" PDF

2. Login Screen
- TYPO3 Skin like look
- Easy Client-Branding
- External Image src / Tracking?
- JS Warning
- No JS active
- Hide with JS or <noscript> Tag
- Cookie checkup, via JS
- Big red Alert-Boxes placed over input fields
- Donation BTN
- Announcement place

3. Do some barbecue
- :)

some Additions by Steffen

1. Problems with docheader if php-error is printed or debug info (work with a container, position:relative)
2. Problem when use helpmode and fulltext
3. forgetten styling (version manager, some info screens etc)

Some notes on the Help system

I wrote a mail to the author of prototips about integration in TYPO3. Problem: the license he uses He answered and isn't willing to change that, so we will write a simular thing ourself, i think ingo or me will do that So the help will change anyway, css-solution like now is very unhandy because of no delay (i mostly deactivate help system)

Some of the bugs in Jens pdf are already solved like IE-Error or shortcut problem, so please retest this issues before

Here are some issues i did in front