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DocMeeting template explanation

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notice - This information is outdated

Decision: <Item name>


  • Proposed by: Name of person / group
  • Deadline for discussion: ## ### ####
  • Deadline for vote: ## ### ####
  • Decision to be made: <Choice one>|<Choice two>
    (This could be any series of choices, like "Yes |No", "Do A|Do B|Do C" or whatever depending upon the type of decision or how the "question" is posed to the group.
  • Brief Description: Brief description goes here (same as on the page before)

Short list in favor of <Choice one>

  • ...
This would list clearly stated bullet point list of reasons for this choice. In other words, after discussions, well thought out, concise points not a free form discussion page. So if somebody posted a reason "Yes", nobody should be posting a "Well okay but I think..." in this section. That would be part of the free form discussion (see below).

Short list in favor of <Choice two>

  • ...
Same as above. And remember, there could be more than Yes/No questions posed, so there would be a section for each possible choice.

Votes cast (locked in at Deadline for vote date )

Here we add our names, like: "Coby Pachmayr - Vote: Yes" and with Wiki versioning we will know when an item was changed... so we can police (if need be) to make sure that votes are "locked" in, and not changed by anyone else, by deadline date.

Resolution Summary

Once the votes have been tallied, a summary should be written here. This will help others who read later, and not have to go through all of the discussions (unless they want to). A simple glance at the bullet points and reading this summary should be sufficient to catch them up.

Follow Up Items and Delegations

The results of some of the decisions may lead to tasks that need to be done in order to implement the decision; or may generate the need for a related (or non-related) vote which would be setup in its own area. A link to those pages could be here. For example, let's say that we cannot agree on a deadline date for this item... then a separate page could be setup so we can vote on the date. Or the outcome of the vote may result in something like, "Okay... so who is going to tell the programmer that the code is wrong?" and we could vote on who that messenger will be! :-)


< I think this is a ... >

Here people are free to discuss back-and-forth before casting their vote.