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Goals of Documentation Team

There are many types of TYPO3 users and it would be impossible to categorize them all. Although it is not possible to cater to each of them, the Documentation Team encourages all forms of documentation; no matter how specific. However the Documentation Team itself will focus on documentation for as wide an audience as possible.

The wiki ( is a community tool where anyone can write some piece of documentation about any topic related (even remotely) to TYPO3. It is also very convenient to collaborate, thanks to change tracking. When a piece of documentation has reached a certain maturity in the wiki, it may become a candidate for promotion to an official document. The Documentation Team cares for the maintenance of the wiki.

There are quite a few places in the TYPO3 Core where some form of inline documentation is available (context-sensitive help, inline manual). The Documentation Team may either directly provide the Core Team with improvements in these areas or respond to requests from the Core Team. Such support is also available for extension authors who might request it, although, depending on its workload, the Documentation Team can not guarantee fast or complete support.

Anyone is welcome to develop tools that help further the understanding of TYPO3. As with documentation from the wiki, if the Documentation Team comes across a particularly useful tool, it may propose to the author to help taking care about this tool to ensure its maintenance and continued existence.

Translations of the official documentation should follow the same rules as the official documentation itself (i.e. it should be versioned in the same Forge project, peer-reviewed, etc.).

Problems of TYPO3 beginners in the moment

  • Beginners think they don't need a book like "Learning TYPO3" as a guide for the first steps and try to use the reference manuals.
  • There should be a guide that explains things in order and gets more complex as it goes, building up on previous material. This will eliminate the problem of working through tutorials without really understanding the logic behind them.
  • Starters can simply follow the tutorials mechanically without really understanding, e.g. TS by example, MTB. FTB is much better to understand because TV is much easier. Small, simple tutorials would be better. Maybe even "How to" or "TYPO3 for dummies".
  • Many manuals have broken links!

notice - Note

many manuals have broken links, because URIs on are changing too often maholtz 18:39, 29 June 2008 (CEST)