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Classification of TYPO3 Learning Steps

english german
Beginner Anfänger
Advanced Fortgeschrittener
Expert Experte

Classification of Manual Editors

Name Task
Developer The technical view of the documentation. Often assumes knowledge that beginners do not have.
Copy editor (german: Redakteur/in) Does not usually need a deep technical understanding of the content under review. These editors ensure proper grammar, eliminate typos, and edit for clarity and understanding.
Tester The tester checks that the documentation accurately describes the way the code actually functions, in effect learning the software during the editing process.

Classification of TYPO3 Users

  • Each one needs their own introduction to TYPO3.
  • Idea of Dan: There is still some common knowledge they should also have. And then it can break into section for the groups.
  • WebEmporedChurch does it: For some tasks Wink flash videos are better than a thousand words.
Name Task Candidates for the manual name
Content editor just inserts content editor guide
Configurator needs to know all about TypoScript (and some PHP) administrator guide
Administrator needs knowledge about installation and creating backups administrator guide
Extension developer needs to know the PHP API (and some TypoScript) developer guide
(new) Core developer needs to know internals core developer guide

Keyword Classification

keyword Description
broken links This could be added by an automatic link checker

Tags and ControlledVocabulary

tag-category Description
technical naming naming defined by the developers (e.g. core, RealURL)
structure of IA tags that build the structure

two variants how the tags can be set

how Description
every tag counts e.g. a category in Wikipedia - if somebody adds it everybody has it as navigation
minimum number of same tags - if a tag is becoming "relevant" because several users tagged the content with a tag, then this tag gets "coupled" with the content
detailed naming for all users wikipedia - it's needed to search which categories exist, what is really relevant, know how to set the category, know that they shall be set on the bottom of the page
own naming - everybody can tag with the name what he/she has in mind in the moment

Document lifecycle during creation by teamwork

in the moment just in the wiki

state-name example
draft subversion
needs a review csc_with_multimedia
publish doc_tut_editors
stable pear

Document lifecycle during publishing

in TER

  • This review-stuff should be done by the whole community, one or more buttons next to the document in TER
review-question state-name in bugtracker forge example
Is the manual needed, should it be incorporated into another manual, or should it be eliminated? major problem/ merge with other document needed --
Is it up to date, need minor revision, or need major revision? minor problem/ major problem/ broken link(s) inside/ screenshots too old/ content got wrong because too old --
What manuals do not exist but are in need by many? minor problem/ major problem --

Navigation paths for documents

Method Example Description
page-number 37 a page number is wrong after each update of the document
textlink/bookmark [The configuration-reference] Susanne: TYPO3 instant-sitemap-section-index (that thing you can find inserting a sitemap and selecting section index) for structuring
(for printed documents) chapter/subchapter in the footer "TSref / IMAGE" Susanne: For printable documents I suggest combining a well-structured table of contents that refreshes itself with printing chapters and subchapters in the footer of each document. So even if the page numbers break the reader can look at the chapter / subchapter in the footer to quickly find the right page
TSref - method [tsref:(cObject).IMAGE] does work after all updates
chapter-name /typo3cms/extensions/wec_about/Introduction does work after small updates