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DocTeam/Decision/DocTEAM leader 2004

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This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)

Decision: DocTEAM leader 2004


  • Proposed by: User:OldSylvain
  • Deadline for discussion: Wednesday 10th november 2004
  • Deadline for vote: Sunday 14th november 2004, midnight (wiki time)
  • Decision to be made: Vote for a new DocTEAM leader
  • Brief Description: We have 2 candidate, place your vote under one name or an other.


Peter Kindström wants to:

  • Encourage many people to make small contributions to the documentation
  • ... and of course also try to find writers who want to get more involved in writing quality Typo3 documentation
  • Make a wiki structure that is easier to navigate, based on skill levels (editor, admin, developer). Something like the old wiki structure
  • Improve the documentation work so that the we first concentrate the efforts on "a core" of quality documents, secondly on all other documents
  • This "core" of documentation should be the official Typo3 documentation that could be printed for customers, distributed with the packages and always kept up to date by the DocTeam and community.
    (Compare this idea with the discussions about official Typo3 extensions.)

Sylvain Viart wants to:

Vote description

Add your name under the candidate name, like: "Coby Pachmayr" and with Wiki versioning we will know when an item was changed... so we can police (if need be) to make sure that votes are "locked" in, and not changed by anyone else, by deadline date.


I vote for Peter:

I vote for Sylvain:

  • Ingmar <> (as stated in the documentation newsgroup)
  • Sylvain Viart 21:28, 10 Nov 2004 (CET)
  • k-fish 22:00, 10 Nov 2004 (CET)
  • Rupi <> 0:23, 10 Nov 2004 (CET)
  • Albrecht <> 08:46, 10 Nov (CET)
  • Franz Kratochvil 09:01, 11 Nov (CET)
  • DanielBrüßler 19:10, 11 Nov (CET) congratulation, Sylvain!
  • Matthias Stuebner 23:45, 12 Nov (CET)
  • Oliver <> (as stated in the documentation newsgroup)