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DocTeam/Flow Exception-Collection

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This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)

This page is dedicated to work on the wiki-tool for displaying Flow-Exceptions-metadata. When a user gets an error-message he/she can click on the link and gets to the wiki. In the wiki information about this error can be shared. The task is to display the metadata automatically, because in the moment it has to be added by hand.

Aims for the tool

  • All new changes should be taken (by git, parsing of the code, commit into the wiki-database)
  • It should be integrated in the wiki-rendering-process when a page is displayed (a new mediawiki extension what gets the exception-number and flow-versionnumber and displays the query-result)
  • Entry in an extra wiki-table, so that this metadata is always current
  • The only text on the wiki-page should be the text what users contribute to handle the error
  • The Source of Flow needs to be parsed so that nobody has to add the data manually
  • Storing of the data and displaying it can be done within the mediawiki-extension "TYPO3ExtensionInfo"
  • Object orientated parser and renderer
  • Versioning of the tool using Subversion-repository of the DocTeam


Members and People

Lienhart (Woitok) Development of git-connector and parser
Daniel (Brüßler) danielb / Development of the mediawiki-extension
Karsten (Dambekalns) Usability tests

email: replace / with @

Team-meeting on T3CON10

Brainstorming, see the list of "Aims for the tool"