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DocTeam/Online DocBook Editor

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This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)

notice - Note

In September 2011 it was decided to not use DocBook as new documentation format. Instead reStructuredText (reST) will be used.
As far as the information below concerns DocBook, it is outdated.

This page is dedicated to work on the online editor for docbook-manuals.

Aims for the editor

  • easy to set up user/role management
  • possibility to define own workflows (inclusive control processes to assure high quality content)
  • division between content, design, programming
  • different views of entities (sorting from A to Z, sorting by themes, sorting by assets, sorting by persons, hierarchical sorting/ sorting by nodes)
  • powerful search function
  • WYSIWIG (is there a need of back* and frontend?)
  • object orientated
  • easy fittable to any additional interactive element
  • high level of usability
  • easy to find everything in a few seconds, high informational value for all roles (e.g. doc writer, doc controller and doc reader)
  • strictly prevention of double content, prevention of not structured or tagged content, prevention of old and useless content
  • standardized API to use with other systems, languages, formats
  • versioning management with Subversion or Git

Evaluation: PHP Online Editor

PHP Online Editor, a project developed and used by the PHP community to write the PHP documentation (in DocBook format). The very nice aspect is that it is a collaborative tool.

Here are the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
collaborative tool including the whole workflow. On the top of that, we have editing, patching, reviewing, building the documentation requires to update the code to have TYPO3 using it
advanced feature as diff, logs, arcronyms not a wysiwyg editor (docbook-XML)
usage of similar technology as us (PHP, ExtJS, MySQL)

Members and People

Robert (Lemke)

Aim to combine the V4 and V5 documentation in DocBook format
Francois (Suter)
francois /
danielb /
Online Tool: Evaluation, if Apache Lenya can be a proper WYSIWYG-editor for DocBook
Fabien (Udriot)
fabien.udriot /
Online Tool: Evaluation, if the PHP DocBook editor is usable for the TYPO3-documentation
Sabine (Hueber)
sabine.hueber /
HTML/ CSS Design, Aims, Usability, defining the processes of usage
Tobias (Daur)
daur /
Usability tests, Aims
Susanne (Moog)
typo3 /
Usability tests
Martin (Holtz)

Usability tests

email: replace / with @