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Doc Web Pages

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This page belongs to the - Team (category TYPO3org)

Here we discuss a little about the new documentation web pages. They should be able to be reached via the domain "".

Reflections from DocTEAM

  • Mailing list are found under Community which is not the best place.
  • Documentation is showing EXT manuals.
  • Unnecessary details in the Matrix view of the documentation. The full TOC is a gadget.
  • First documentation page should present what's available.
  • The FAQ and How-to section are different indexes in the search engine. We should we merge both into a single source?

Reflections from Peter

  • Mailing list should by found under Community!
  • EXT manuals should get their own sub page
  • Unnecessary to have the full TOC page.
  • First documentation page should present all other pages in doc section.

Idea by Patrick Gaumond

Mailing lists from someone new to TYPO3 are seen as Help resources.
That's the reasonning why Community is not the best place to or the best section title...

Doc tools

  • The docTeam should be able to build and maintain a tree-like category structure
  • It should be able to assign a document to one OR MORE categories
  • The docTeam should also be a able to make "directories" in a tree-like manner
  • One or more documents can be assign to each directory
  • There should be a plugin with possibility to show a category or a directory


We should revise the hierarchy a little:

  • Start page
  • Document Library
    • Roadmaps(?)
    • Matrix
    • Extension manuals
    • Glossary
  • Videos
  • Other resources
  • Articles
    • Classic or Alternative?
    • TypoScript vs XSLT
  • Tips & tricks
    • Frontend editing
    • The new page editing concept
    • Customizing the Rich Text Editor
    • The Element Browser
    • The Undo/History feature
    • Multi language sites in Typo3


  • A general note on the video page should mention format and codec necessary with link to suggested players.
  • Each video should be linked with a brief description, length and size.
  • Depending of the length key "chapters" with related time index should be provided.
  • We need a welcome video from Kasper doing a quick features tour!
  • Each video should begin with a written Title, Content (with voice-over) index with time. Titles need to be descriptive! "Episode I and II Video" is very misleading.
EX: Quick tour of the Extension Manager (was:Episode I and II Video) (18min, 27 mb)
  • 1. Quick tour of the Extension Manager: inserting a Guestbook, DirectMail, Messenging Task.
  • 2. Inserting the Shop System - 11:45 min