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This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)


This page is a presentation of work and goals of the Documentation Team ("DocTeam").

What we do

We take care for the official TYPO3 documentation and the things related to it. This includes the official manuals, which are specially referenced in the "Documentation" section on, and information on this wiki. We also have an eye on the structure of pages here in the wiki.

To get a more detailed overview of what we do, have a look at our current projects:


You can attend our projects, just contact us. Sorted by current priority:

Link 1. Official Documentation 2. ReST migration 3. Online ReST Editor 4. Online TSRef 5. Solr search index of the wiki
Aim Create, update and translate the official  TYPO3 manuals Change the infrastructure of the manuals from OpenOffice .sxw to ReST Easily edit manuals in ReST format online in WYSIWYG mode Provide the TSRef online browsable with stable speaking URLs, provide it as PDF, provide the XML for the t3editor extension Provide the page list for the Solr search engine on
Who Many people
Francois, Ben, Sabine, Susanne, Fabien, quality-check by Robert, we all as customers Francois, Ben, Sabine, Susanne, Fabien, Tobias, Martin, Lenya CMS community, quality-check by Robert, we all as customers Francois, Martin, Edwards, Nightfly, Flyguide maybe Jo, Ingo as customers

The following has already been done:

Link Wiki Design Rebrush SSO for the wiki
Aim Give the TYPO3-Wiki a nice rebrushing Make logins possible with accounts
Who Sabine, Fabien, Daniel, we all as customers Dietrich Heise, Helmut Hummel, we all as customers
Time frame 2010, finished March 2011 2011, finished December 2011

Smaller ToDos are available in the docteam project on forge.

External links to DocTeam related sites


The team meets up on a regularly basis - every four weeks - to discuss about goals and evolution of the project. The reports of the meeting are available online: DocTeam Meetings. If you would like to participate to such meetings and help around don't hesistate to contact Francois Suter.

Cross-project activities

Classification of roles, states and tags used in documentation (draft, you`re welcome to edit) DocTeam/ContentClassification

Discussion about challenges and goals of TYPO3 documentation DocTeam/ChallengesAndGoals

The new vision of Documentation Team DocTeam/New vision

Goals and Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Support for good documentation is our mission.

That means for us:

  • We want to provide exhaustive, quality documentation about TYPO3 for all users, with the help of the community.
  • Anyone is welcome to develop tools that help further the understanding of TYPO3.
  • Anyone is welcome to help writing high quality materials which are easy to use and easy to learn.


In order to achieve this, it pursues the following goals:

  • write and maintain official documentation, whose quality is ensured by peer review
  • provide a tool for the participative creation of documentation (wiki)
  • care for the "Documentation" section of and any other relevant pages
  • support the TYPO3 Core Team and any other team in their documentation efforts
  • encourage the creation of online tools for easy reference to TYPO3's main languages and APIs, ensure quality and maintenance
  • encourage the creation of any other tool which favors documentation and understanding of TYPO3
  • encourage the translation of the documentation
  • act as Community Managers to involve as many folks from the community as possible
  • manage the teamwork
  • define and control the compilance with wiki rules and content structures

Who we are

DocTeam Leader

  • Francois Suter (francois)

DocTeam Members

Have a look at the DocTeam Member profiles on to see who we are.

Honorary Member

  • Daniel Brüßler (patchworker)


Maybe you?

Feel free to create a user account and participate on high quality TYPO3 documentation. When you are a beginner, please look at the help`n beginners section or ask the DocTeam Members.

Get in contact with the Documentation Team

You want to participate? You have a question? You want to help? Please contact us:

Further reading on how to write documentation

How to write documentation; the rules, templates, tips and tricks. Also something about why we write documentation in a certain way.

OpenOffice related

Before moving our documents to reST format, we used OpenOffice to maintain them. These information were helpful back then:

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