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Documentation Extension

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This page belongs to the Core Team (category Core Team)
This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)

The goal of this page is to prepare the work on a new "documentation" system extension, targeted for inclusion in TYPO3 CMS 6.2. The extension key will be "documentation". The name is not chosen yet.

Extension goals

  • provide a central place for accessing all available documentation
  • provide a way of downloading online documentation (in various formats)
  • provide a way to integrate ReST-based documentation in the BE, most likely when rendered in JSON format
    • API for creating links
    • (progressive) replacement of CSH
  • provide a system of personalised shortcuts to selected manuals

Not all goals need to be achieved in the first version.

Documentation catalog

What documentation is available in a given TYPO3 system and should be linked to?

  • extension manuals in OpenOffice format
    • we could probably make the effort of detecting other formats, for authors that provide a PDF, for example
  • official documentation on
  • text files inside the TYPO3 CMS source (INSTALL.txt, NEWS.txt)
  • ReST-based documentation in various formats (HTML, PDF, JSON)
    • this implies defining a central place where rendered or downloaded documentation is stored. Current proposal is "typo3conf/Documentation". Substructure TBD.

Technical details

The core of the extension would be a BE module displaying a list of all available documentation, with a download link where relevant. Users should be able to browse and read documentation inside that BE module.

The extension (in particular the BE module) should provide hooks where relevant for adding features. For example, it should enable the "sphinx" extension by Xavier Perseguers to add a "Render" button.

It could also provide a Scheduler task that fetches documentation updates from This is not a top priority, but should be kept in mind when designing the download architecture (so that it can be used in various contexts).