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Documentation Introduction

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TYPO3 Documentation

Welcome to TYPO3's online documentation wiki. In order to successfully navigate all of the TYPO3 documentation, we suggest that you spend a minute reading this page so you will know the basics.

The TYPO3 documents are spread over many different locations. Hopefully, the Documentation group (the DocTEAM) is collecting and ordering all the documentation. And this wiki is now the main entry point of the entire documentation effort.

During the setup phase you will find the old good documentation on documentation library, also known as the famous Documentation Matrix.

Of course, as our work progresses, you will find more and more documents on this wiki.

Documentation Matrix

The complete list of documents can be found in the documentation matrix. Here the documents are grouped by categories.

  • If you need to get started with TYPO3 and learn or experience the basics of TYPO3 development, work through the "Getting Started" document, then the "Templating Tutorial"
  • Read documents from the "Other Tutorials" category if you need step-by-step introduction regarding a particular topic
  • All installation related help can be found in the "Installation" category
  • In "Core Documentation" you will find documents related to the core of TYPO3
  • In the "References" category the documents are not meant to guide you into anything! Notice this; in a reference you look things up (as you would in an encyclopedia), in a tutorial you are guided step-by-step. So read tutorials, look up specific information in references.
  • Finally the "Extension Manuals" section contains the documentation that should follow each available extension in the extension repository. Generally you should notice that each extension has its own documentation manual which usually contains a tutorial, a reference, an end user guide, etc. So all information related specifically to an extension is in a document of its own. All information of a more general character to the TYPO3 project is found in other documents sorted into the categories listed above.

Downloading documentation

You can download documentation from by clicking the small sxw.gif document icons - this will serve you the source document of the documentation in SXW format. This format is based on open standards and can be viewed and created with Open Office Writer.

If you see PDF versions pdf.gif they are specially made as a service for you. They do not necessarily represent the latest SXW version, nor can you expect a PDF version for all documents. So download OpenOffice now - it's free!

Documentation Writer

Read the information about the documentation structure and continue in the DocTEAM Corner for all information about the wiki and the overall documenation.