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Documentation Roadmap

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This page belongs to the Documentation Team (category DocTeam)
  • Update the wiki, teach the teams and single authors how to use the new wiki-features
  • Update the core documentation
  • Improve the document-workflow for OpenOffice/ DocBook/ PDF

--Daniel Brüßler 22:08, 9 October 2006 (CEST)



In spring 2003 Kasper published his ideas about TYPO3 documentation in a document called Document Organisation, written after the 2003 snowboard conference in Splügen. With this document he wants to start a discussion around this subject.

One way to start working on documentation was to start a Roadmap task force, which should "detect what information people need, and does not find" and "then define it and try to organize its creation."

The task force became a project under the documentation team (DocTEAM) and made a draft of the roadmap. But nothing more happened during the first half of 2004.

In the summer of 2004 the roadmap discussion started again. To be continued...


The intention with this roadmap is to show the community what documentation the DocTEAM intends to work with in the near future. It shows the community where we want help and where we put our effort.

Today most documents about TYPO3 focus on developers. The DocTEAM therefor believe that most (but not all) effort should be put into User/Editor and Administratior documentation in the near future.


To reach these goals and to be able to produce all the documents, we have to have a way to let many people contribute! The two main ways to achive this is to use the documentation mailing list and the TYPO3 wiki.

The wiki will be used as an ever growing documentation place, where we once in a while take a snapshot of documents, convert them to OpenOffice format and put them on

Many documents will be worked on in parallel. And many documents will exist which the DocTEAM is not involved in (except for checking that it follows our recommendations).

Already started

  • TYPO3 Installation Basics
    Covers the most common ways of installing TYPO3 on different operating systems.
  • TYPO3 Upgrade Basics
    Discribes how to upgrade TYPO3 from official distributions or "previews" from CVS.
  • TYPO3 Glossary
    Should be converted to the wiki, completed with missing words and then proofread.
  • Extension Development Guide

To start up

  • TYPO3 Introduction
  • TYPO3 Configuration
  • TYPO3 Backend modules
  • Update Server/Browser compatibility chart
  • Context Sensitive Help
  • TYPO3 Template Basics
  • TYPO3 Menu Basics
  • Enhance/update TypoScript reference
  • TYPO3 Security

Unsupported document

As of today, the DocTEAM has no intention to look at extension documents. That, however, can be changed if the community decide to have "official" extensions. In that case the DocTEAM may have an interest in reviewing and maybe enhancing those extension´s documentation.