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Documentation images

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On this page you find some information about images in TYPO3 documentation.

Basic rules

Here are some basic rules about images in TYPO3 documentation:

  • Images should have english text. Exceptions are (of course) language specific manuals.
  • You should not see any part of the OS or browser in screenshots. Exceptions are popup windows and images for showing OS or browser specific information.
  • Images should be in the PNG format. GIF or JPG could be accepted in some cases...

Images in Open Office

There are a few important points to make about images in Open Office. Please makes sure to follow these. When you insert images you can either:

  1. Make a copy/paste from eg. Photoshop, but it's REALLY IMPORTANT that you insert the image into Open Office by the menu "Edit > Paste Special" and then select "Bitmap". If you don't do it in this way the image cannot be shown (since it will not be stored as a PNG internally in the SXW file)
  2. Alternatively you can use the traditional way "Insert > Graphics > From file" and insert an image from your harddrive. In particular use this if the image is photographic (JPG) since the internal storage as PNG is not good for photographs.

Generally please use copy/paste only for screendumps with large areas of similar color (good png-compression) and JPG-files for photographic images. Go for small images, 72 dpi, medium quality.

Language selection in Windows

In Windows you can sometimes change the main language.

  • Go to the Control panel
  • Go to Regional options (Win2000)
  • Select Input locales (Win2000)
  • Now you can add a language
  • Note that you can also enable language switching from the task bar