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Documentation workflow

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notice - This information is outdated

Documentation workflow

Here is the workflow to follow when adding new content to an existing manual or writing a completely new manual/article/tutorial for TYPO3 on this wiki. If you start from scratch, you can use the template made for extension documentation.

Document to discuss

  • First you should see if there is a need/interest for the document. Direct your question to the documentation news group.
  • Then you should decide under which section you should put a link to the document. Then ask the DocTeam to put up the link and make the new page. It is not forbidden to make the link and page yourself, but it is considered good practice to ask first.
  • The new document should be put under the Documents in progress section.

First drafts (from authors)

  • Start with a brief description: what does this document aim to do; what does it assume; who is it for?
  • Write it in OpenOffice using headers starting at level 2
  • Use the file name format T3MAN_descriptive-name
  • Use [ADD: description-of-diagram] to insert diagrams
  • Use [Fig: XX description] to refer to diagrams
  • Do not include screenshots yet; only include diagrams when absolutely necessary

First review

To determine usefulness and context in existing documentation

  • What level of expertise does this document assume, change if necessary
  • If document is worth publishing, add figures, diagrams and inserts
  • Include document in whole manual, include references to other sections

Second review

A first review for consensus

  • Secondary readers check usefulness
  • Collect comments

Final editorial

To make the document presentable

  • Finalize figures, screenshots and diagrams
  • Finalize references
  • Finalize grammar and spelling
  • Include the document in the main manual file


  • Write a short blurb and attach it as abstract
  • Publish the blurb to the mailing lists
  • Publish it as a chapter to the TYPO3 documentation repository in HTML format
  • Publish it in OpenOffice document and PDF format