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General Information

The 1st Extbase Codesprint took place from 15. (9 a.m.) to 18. March 2012 (4 p.m.) in Flensburg, Germany.


As everywhere in open source, it is important to us that you show some love to the products you use on a daily basis. Please consider a donation to help speedup the development of Extbase. It's not that expensive and there are a lot of needs. You could donate some special need, send a developer or just give us some money to cover the costs. Please get in contact with foertel.

We greatly appreciate the sponsoring and thank:

  • Leichsenring, Anja (ab-softlab) for sponsoring our coffee needs.
  • Kopp, Felix (Phorax) for sponsoring two lunches and a dinner for all of us
  • Lobacher, Patrick (typovision GmbH) for sponsoring two dinners for all of us and bringing an employee at own cost
  • Liebig, Tobias (etobi) for sponsoring ClubMate and beer for all of us
  • Oertel, Felix ( for sponsoring breakfasts, drinks, snacks and the location and for organizing this sprint


  • propper workspaces handling (only reading)
  • add and improve unit tests
  • penetrate gerrit ... alot!


  • Live overview of the progress made Trello
  • Last Minute fixes that made it into TYPO3 4.7 Gerrit
  • Photos Flickr
  • Realtime Information Twitter


As this event is sponsored from the Extbase Team Budget, it is on invitation only, but *NOT* a team-only event! Everyone who is willing to contribute, is more than welcome.

  • Team-Members
    • Due, Claus (online Sat ev. & Sun)
    • Lobacher, Patrick
    • Oertel, Felix
  • External Specialists (invited, cost covered)
    • Nietsch, Tolleiv
    • Klee, Oliver
  • Activists (invited, self-payed or externally sponsored)
    • Günther, Markus
    • Liebig, Tobias
    • Motylewski, Tymek
    • Schnitzler, Alexander