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General Information

The 2nd Extbase Codesprint will take place from 10. (9 a.m.) to 12. April 2012 (2 p.m.) in Munich, Germany. There will be no pre-sprint dinner due to eastern. ;-) We will instead have social lunch on thursday between codesprint and opening of t3dd12.

The codesprint will happen in the t3dd12 location right next to the CoreDev-Meeting. Please take care of your hotel yourself, as usual we will cover travel- and accommodation-expenses for most of you. Stay tuned for more information, until then mid-class hotels (up to 60,- €/night) might be a good call. ;-)


As everywhere in open source, it is important to us that you show some love to the products you use on a daily basis. Please consider a donation to help speedup the development of Extbase. It's not that expensive and there are a lot of needs. You could donate some special need, send a developer or just give us some money to cover the costs. Please get in contact with foertel.


  • kick off 4.8 / 6.0 development
    • define roadmap / milestones / feature-set
  • clean up
    • remove deprecated stuff from 4.5 and before
    • adjust version numbers and deprecation-messages to the rest
  • add your topic here!


We want to build teams before the codesprint begins to concentrate work and see, where we may lack power. Please choose and join a team. If you got questions to the things to be dealt with, please get in contact with the teamleader or foertel.


As this event is sponsored from the Extbase Team Budget, it is on invitation only, but *NOT* a team-only event! Everyone who is willing to contribute, is more than welcome. If you think, you should be on this sprint, pleas drop a line to foertel.

  • Team-Members
    • Lobacher, Patrick (YES)
    • Oertel, Felix (YES)
  • External Specialists (invited, cost covered)
  • Activists (invited, self-payed or externally sponsored)
    • Heinrichs, Marc Bastian (YES)
    • Liebig, Tobias (YES)