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The second Extbase Codesprint 2013 is a community driven TYPO3 event for developers. The goal is to spring clean the bugtracker. It's organized by the Extbase Team.

How to participate?

You could either participate in person or by remote.

  1. Add yourself to the list of participants. Add the days you plan to come and if you plan to help by remote.
  2. Drop us a note so that we can plan rooms, drinks, Breakfast and Dinner.
  3. The Team will - as usual - book rooms for all of us, so please don't book hotels yourself. If you are on the list by April 10th, consider your room booked.
  4. Ask your company for sponsoring travel costs and/or working time or drop Felix or Anja a note, so they will get in touch with your boss. ;-)


The hashtag for the event is #ecs13m

Date and Times

Friday, April 12 - Sunday, April 14.

We start friday morning at the site with a short opening session. The teams will be presented, finalized and a short overview of the tasks will be given. After that to sunday will be hacked quiet straight. Sunday afternoon we will present the results and do final reviews and merges.

Map and Location


A map of all locations and important lines can be found here

Our working site is the typovision GmbH in munich.

typovision GmbH
Elsenheimerstr. 7
80687 München

Google Map

You can use all S-Bahn (except S7), the station to leave is called Hirschgarten. Or use the Tram 18 direction Gondrellplatz or 19 direction Pasinger Marienplatz. S-Bahn is on the left side, when you leave the train, the Tram is right hand.


Park Hotel Laim
Zschokkestrasse 55
Telefon Nr : (49) 89/579 360
(Booked by: A. Leichsenring)

Google Map

As usual, in your rooms there is no breakfast included (!) because there will be breakfast on-site.

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

bug tracker cleanup - nothing more, nothing less.


# Name days on site needs hotel room comments
1 Anja Leichsenring all days yes single room if possible, would pay for accomodation overhead
2 Alexander Schnitzler all days no -
3 Andreas Wolf all days yes Vegetarian
4 Christian Kuhn all days yes single room if possible, would pay for accomodation overhead
5 Rony Khoury at least one day, maybe more no -
6 Wouter Wolters all days yes -
7 Thomas Maroschik all days yes single room if possible, would pay for accomodation overhead
8 Felix Oertel all days no -
9 Markus Günther no days :( no Will be ill and can not attend after visiting a hospital
10 Robert Weißgraeber all days no -
11 Marc Bastian Heinrichs Fr afternoon-So yes single room if possible, would pay for accomodation overhead
12 Tymoteusz Motylewski all days yes -
13 Oliver Hader all days yes using TYPO3 CMS budget for accommodation
14 Benjamin Bretz all days no -
15 Stefan Frömken all days yes
16 Georg Ringer all days yes
17 Lars Peipmann all days yes

1 place left !!! - please drop a note (@extbase, in Skype, call, send a letter, ...). First come first serve.


Accommodation will be organized and payed for by the Extbase team, so please don't book on your own, but get in touch with Felix or Anja.


  • Accommodation and Travelcosts are covered through the Extbase Codesprint Budget.
  • our working place is sponsored by the typovision GmbH and also all the drinks, the daily breakfast for both days and some sweets. Thx a lot @ typovision!
  • Lightwerk Gmbh and typovision GmbH for the organisation
  • sweets are covered by Claus Due
  • @robert_we covers 2 cases of beer
  • Lightwerk Gmbh for sending 4 people (paying working hours and travelcosts)
  • Cyberhouse GmbH for sending Georg Ringer (paying working hours and travelcosts)
  • WIND Internet for sending Wouter Wolters (paying working hours)
  • BASICWORX ENGINEERING GmbH for sending Rony Khoury (paying working hours)

Please consider sponsoring Snacks (Chips, Sweets), Meals or travelcosts / paid time of your employees. Everything is nicely organized by the Extbase Team, so you don't have to worry and just to pay the bill. ;-)


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Felix:[[1]] or Anja: [[2]].