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The third Extbase Codesprint 2013 is a community driven TYPO3 event for developers. The goal is to implement the reading part of workspaces support. It's organized by the Extbase Team. This time the goal is ambitious and we need well trained developers and maybe architects to be able to achieve the proposed results.

Code Sprint Topics/Goals

We want to add reading support for workspaces (and language) to Extbase.

We will base our work upon the outcome of the workspaces concepts codesprint in Frankfurt.

Getting up to speed

We collected the following information for you to gain some speed on the topic of workspaces and languages. Please consider reading it on the train and arrive prepared.

a test installation with introduction package login data: admin codesprint456

test extension

Dependencies and Values for actions


The hashtag for the event is #ecs13ws

Date and Times

Thursday, August 15 - Sunday, August 18.

We start Thursday noon at the site with a short opening session. The tasks will be presented and then we start working. Sunday afternoon we will present the results and do final reviews and merges.

Map and Location

Technologiezentrum (TTI), kleiner Seminarraum, Nobelstraße 15, 70569 Stuttgart

On site, go to the "Haupteingang" and follow the TYPO3 Signs to reach the rooms.

All surroundings are nicely prepared in this Google Maps, thanks to Ernesto.


arcona Mo.Hotel Hauptstrasse 26, 70563 Stuttgart

As usual, in your rooms there is no breakfast included (!) because there will be breakfast on-site.


The goal is to implement the reading part of workspaces support. Please be aware that this is a very complex topic, so consider wisely your potential contribution in this code sprint before deciding to participate. In case of doubt, please contact Anja or Felix and ask for advice.

# Name days on site needs hotel room comments
1 Anja Leichsenring all days yes single room if possible, would pay for accomodation overhead
2 Oliver Hader all days Fri-Sun yes single room if possible, would pay for accomodation overhead
3 Felix Oertel most likely Fr - So yes
4 Christian Kuhn all days yes single room if possible, will pay for accomodation overhead
5 Stefan Neufeind all days yes open to share a room
6 Tymoteusz Motylewski all days yes
7 Helmut Hummel 16.08-18.08 yes single room if possible, would pay for accomodation overhead
8 Danijela Grgic sporadisch no will bring beer



Accommodation will be organized and payed for by the Extbase team, so please don't book on your own, but get in touch with Felix or Anja.


  • Accommodation and Travelcosts are covered through the Extbase Codesprint Budget.
  • location is sponsored by cron IT GmbH.
  • Soft-drinks and some beer sponsored by cron IT GmbH.
  • sweets are covered by Claus Due (@NamelessCoder)
  • Jari-Hermann Ernst (@jhernst) pays for a crate Club-Mate
  • Danijela Grgic (@spacedani) pays for beer
  • One dinner is sponsored by Patrick Lobacher / typovision GmbH
  • Social Event on Saturday is sponsored by Jochen Weiland ( with entertainment, tickets, food and drinks at Flammende Sterne (Pro-Tip: bring a blanket) Treffpunkt/Hinfahrt: S2 ab Stuttgart-Vaihingen Richtung Filderstadt um 18:15 bis Haltestelle Flughafen. Dann mit Bus 122 Richtung Esslingen, Abfahrt 18:36 bis Haltestelle Scharnhauser Park/Kreuzbrunnen, Ankunft: 18:58. Treffpunkt an der Bushaltestelle Kreuzbrunnen. Empfehlung: Gruppenticket
  • Lightwerk ( will take care of the breakfast
  • Phorax ( coveres another dinner
  • Marc Fell ( gives us some wildcard budget for missing little things
  • days off to attend the Sprint for Christian is sponsored by e-net (
  • working hours and travel expenses for Felix are covered by Lightwerk (
  • @thierrybrodard helps to cover the travelcosts

Please consider sponsoring meals (3 times breakfast, 3 times dinner) or travelcosts / paid time of your employees. Everything is nicely organized by the Extbase Team, so you don't have to worry and just to pay the bill. ;-)


If you like to participate or offer some sponsoring, just get in contact with: Felix:[[1]] or Anja: [[2]].