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ECT/Coding Guidelines

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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

Modern Extension Coding Guidelines (ECG)

Coding Guidelines defined by the ECT



  • ECG: The ECT Coding Guidelines are an extension to the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines (TCG). All rules of the TYPO3 Coding Guidelines are fully valid. The target of ECG is to improve the usibility of APIs and to prepare extensions for a smoth migration to TYPO3 5.x.
  • Team-provided extensions: Extensions what are maintained by a team and extended by several add-ons. Examples cal, lib/div
  • planet: efaq
  • moon extension: add-on of the showcase. (efaq rssfeed)
  • component (Pulponair/ Nikolas):Code used by severall Controllers e.q a requestHandler (i.e a "controllete")
  • helper (Pulponair/ Nikolas): Class which provides "helpfull" functionality to a certain instance. e.g a HTML helper to the view:

Standards for Extending Extensions

this is the start of the collection, an extension to the Coding Guidelines. What is a good standard-definition? One, that has an implementation as example! That's the practice of W3C.

Extension-key naming

  • in spring 2007 we decided to use "baseextension__addon"
  • example: kickstarter__mvc



This is just an idea yet - nobody is putting any energy in it, but it's important and so we'll focus on that, when time has come for it.

This can be combined with the rating of TYPO3-extensions ( and the Extension Comparison-Team of T3N magazine. Certification of selected "planets" by ECT.