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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

FAQ of the Extension Coordination Team

How do I propose or start a new project?

The team structure isn't decided upon. It simply grows. When ECT started we haven't waited for a decision of anybody. We entered the wiki and started. Projects jump up in the same way. Anybody can define a new project as "Project Proposal". You find people to join the project team. Someone of the team decides to take up the role of the coordinator. That's it in principle.

The only given commitment is, that the coordinator of a project reports to the board, like the board reports to the R&D, like the R&D reports to the association.

Some projects will be successfull and produce results. Other projects will silently slumber until some people take them up again and produce results. TYPO3 is mainly a "meritocracy". Activity and results are the measures. There are few limits of what you can do. Wiki, NG, TER all this is open to be used.