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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

Elmar about the todo-list: "with this posting I want to start a TODO list as a permanent institution of ECT. It serves as point of orientation what we are currently doing and where help would be needed. Feel free to add new points or to remove points that are done. To extend the list just COPY and PASTE it into the answer."

--Daniel Brüßler 17:33, 28 January 2007 (CET)

Priorities of ECT

-- merged 2007-02-07 --

  • This is in care of Elmar Hinz, the ECT-leader.

Priorities lib/div


  • ErrorMessenger
  • Documentation
  • ResultBrowser


  • Predifined checks for the validator
  • DebuggingErrorObject
  • Pear Repository for forms lib, etc.
  • Hooks, Services etc.


  • Different helper tools for tables etc.

Permanent TODO of ECT

-- merged 2007-02-07 --

  • To modify the list just COPY and PASTE it into the answer.
  • Please publish new versions as answer to the original first posting, so

that we get a flat tree of threads.

public relations

  • contacting Robert for a teams page on (Steffen Kamper)
  • first content (Steffen Kamper)
  • technical setup of draftpage and homepage (Daniel Brüßler)
  • maintaining a newsfeed
  • maintaining news for T3N

extension recommendation and/or certification

  • defining 3 levels (recommended, ect members, ect standards?)
  • organizing ECT recommendations
  • writing ECT coding guidelines


  • xajax 0.5 (Joerg Schoppet)
  • xajax features for TYPO3 (Joerg Schoppet)

party framework

extension comparison

calendar base (also see typo3.projects.calendar)

  • lib/div implementation (Elmar Hinz)

common category framework

  • further development (Elmar Hinz)

required features from the core

  • attributes on M:N relations
  • central PEAR directory within TYPO3 installation


  • bringing it to beta (Elmar Hinz)
  • finishing the docs (Elmar Hinz)
  • bananas - beginners example (Elmar Hinz)
  • kickstarter addon (Christian Welzel)
  • backend research (Joerg Schoppet)
  • Smarty as template engine (Seffen Kamper)
  • cakePHP research (Nicholas Hagelstein)
  • result browser class
  • easy table class
  • dynamic flexform research
  • flexform hook for addons
  • HTML_QuickForm research
  • propel research
  • caching objects