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Dre formmaker/testing

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I am testing the dre_formmaker extension now. It looks nice, but the existing documentation does hot help with first steps very much. I would like to develop the tutorial for newbies - somenthing like Hello word example. Unfortunately I am stuck with the output pages. I have set up two regular pages and now I am strugglig with the output page. Here I would like to list the questions in progress, and hopefully write the answers:

  • The output page consist of groups as well, or should one attach the template to the page itself?
    • An output page consists of groups as well. In fact, there is no real difference in structure between normal pages and output pages. The only difference is that a normal page is rendered as webpage and an output page is rendered as PDF, plain text file or whatever static file format is selected. Therefore, only output pages can be used within the "Output Wizard".
  • How you can access the values filled into the form in the output page?
    • This is done the same way as you can do with normal pages: using the "Input" property of a "Form Maker field". Once you have added a "Form Maker group" with a "Form Maker field" to an output page (probably, you want to select fieldtype "static"), you can set the "Input" property of that field using the "Expression Wizard". Using this wizard, you can drag different types of data (formfield values/database values/static text), operators and functions into the expression area to create an expression. In this case, you want to collect the data from a specific formfield. To do so, drag a "Formfield" block into the expression area, the form tree structure will appear. You can select the formfield from which you want to collect the data. Now, a "Formfield" block with the name of the selected formfield is created. Save the expression, and the "Input" property is set. You can use this for normal formfields as well, to make calculations with the previous supplied data, for example.