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Tm asinsearch

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Extension detail information
List Amazon product specified by ASIN from backend user.
documentation state draft document state list
licence OCL
usergroups list of usergroups forAdmins, forIntermediates
author(s) Lars Thalheim
TER category plugin

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Plugin Installation

To install this extension, five steps must be taken:

(Step One) Apply for an AWS Access key ID from Amazon developer program

This extension obviously relies on the Amazon webservices. For sending requests to the webservices, Amazon requires to send an AWS Access Key ID along with the request. This Access Key ID is free of charge. You must have a valid Access Key ID from Amazon which is currently available free of charge at aws signup.

The former developer token are not supported any more, because the old Amazon webservices have expired on March 31, 2008. Don't use your old Developer token.

(Step Two) apply for a Amazon associates ID from the Amazon partner net (optional)

if you have not already done so. affliate signup

(Step Three) Install the TM ASIN search extension

Install tm_asinsearch from the Extension Manager.

tm_asinsearch search does not require the eim2nusoap extension any more. Asin-install.jpg

This is documented very well in the usual TYPO3 docs: just click the little gray sphere with the plus-sign.


Configure the tm_asinsearch plugin and enter the amazon ASIN product identification and save.

(Step Four) Customize your TypoScript template

Setup template.jpg

The current version of TM ASIN search is reprogrammed from ground up. Therefore most configuration options have changed. Configuration is done in the TSetup field of your template.

You MUST at least specify your Access key ID:

  plugin.tx_tmasinsearch_pi1.access_key = [your AWS Access Key ID]

(Step Five) Customize your HTML template for output.

Customize HTML template

Like many other extensions, this extension uses a standard HTML template for output customization. A sample template is provided in the extensions directory. Copy this example template to a convinient place and modify it to fit your requirements.

  plugin.tx_tmasinsearch_pi1.templateFile = fileadmin/mytemplates/asinsearch.tmpl

The HTML template is strongly dependent on the returned data from Amazon. You can use all returned keys and data as template markers. Also note, that version 2.2.0 of TM ASIN Search supports two HTML template versions. The former version is supported to establish compatibility to pre 2.2.0 versions. However there is a new, slightly more flexible way to make the template. Be advised to use the new template format in future projects, because support for the older format may be dropped in the future.

See below on creating HTML output

Customize HTML template

Review HTML Results

Turn on Debug from the typoscript setup template.

  plugin.tx_tmasinsearch_pi1.debug = 2

go to the frontend and load the page where the plugin is installed and results from amazon will shows all available fields in red.

take note of the fields you wish to keep and edit them in the plugin template.


example medium size image which you want to keep from amazon, use underscore "_" to go down the tree:


notice - Note

Don't forget to clear the cache, if the you have problem seeing the debug output.

Edit HTML template

See all available output from amazon from above step and edit the plugin template(asinsearch.tmpl). Remove or add any markers you wish to appear in the frontend.


notice - Note

HTML markers must be in UPPER CASE to work properly.

Configration parameters All configuration can be made in TSetup of your template. The following example contains all possible configuration options.

 plugin.tx_tmasinsearch_pi1 {
 access_key = [your AWS Access key ID]
 debug = 1
 wsdlFile =
 associate_id = [your associate ID]
 orderLabel = Order this product
 templateFile = fileadmin/asinsearch.tmpl
 resultType = Medium
 asin = 3551581665
 locale = de
  • locale setting must match with your access_key country of origin, if you created an account in, use locale = de, for, use locale = us