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EXT/tt news/testing

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By: --Sylvain Viart 15:11, 14 Dec 2004 (CET)

News: Extension for displaying and managing news

Extension link tt_news

This page is about testing the News extension.

This extension allow you to setup a flexible news item on your web site.

See tt_news screenshot

This extension is some what complex, and take time to configure the first time.

Some context about this test:

  • tt_news manual
  • News version 2.0.4
  • TYPO3 3.7.0
  • Template MTB/1 + autoparser
  • Multiple language site
  • RealURL + URL rewriting

Installing tt_news

Install the last version of tt_news from the TER

  • Open the Extension Manager TYPO3 Ext Manager.png
  • Tt news ExtManager.png Select «import from online repository» and click the extension name , not the icon +
  • Tt news TER download local.png Select the local typo3conf/ destination and upload the extension localy, not globaly.

Setup the plugin and enter some news Item


  • display list of news Item (mode LIST)
  • Item content can be cropped to show only some part of information
  • click the «more» link to have the full news Item.

For that we will need to configure 2 News plugin on 2 separate pages.

  • One page displaying news list, and the second displaying only a sinlge Item at time.
  • Create the 2 News content.
  • Setting up the Template record.
    • The Template should include the 2 static template provided by the tt_news extension (CSS-based tmpl and default CSS-styles)
      • I've encountered a problem, when the templates are included on a level above the css_styled_content. It doesn't work:
        Tt news template analyzer wrong.png
      • Included at the level of «pages internes» solved the problem.
    • With the constant editor set the property singlePid to point to the page ID which hold the plugin in SINGLE mode.

The News plugin should be able to display the list and the single Item.

Enable RealURL

If you need URL rewriting for your site you must configure realurl to rewrite all the link. tt_news support URL rewriting.