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Eclipse Integration

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Summarize all features / plugins that are needed for the whole development process with Eclipse. The idea is a 100% use of Eclipse for development work if a developer wants to use it.

  • Eclipse Core
  • Eclipse Web Tools Project
  • PHPEclipse or Xored TruStudio Foundation

Current Eclipse Integration Project Page:

Debugging on the Mac with PHPEclipse

NOTE: This guide is for somewhat older versions of PHP and dbg. New sources for dbg are available, but the instructions shouldn't differ too much.

On my Mac the dbg binaries are: /Library/WebServer/Documents/typo3/typo3conf/ext/ and the file is /pi1/class.tx_cwtcommunity_pi1.php or similar. Both combined should give you the absolute path to your php file that you want to debug.

Now, let's get started with Mac OS X: You can use the Apache that comes with every Mac and the PHP (5.0.4, 5.0.5 should work fine, too) and mysql binaries from I downloaded the mac binaries for mysql from the mysql website and it worked fine. Now, download the PHP 5.0.5 source (I used 5.0.4, so these directions work for this version for sure, there shouldn't be a problem for 5.0.5 though) from the PHP website and untar it to your Desktop or anywhere else. I will assume it's some folder on the Desktop. Now, make sure you have the developer tools installed so you can compile stuff. Go to the terminal, change to the php folder on your desktop, and configure php with the default options.

 ./configure --prefix=/Users/Christoph/Desktop/phpbinary/ --without-mysql
 make install

You might have to use sudo if you get some permission denied errors. Now you have some basic PHP binaries that you can compile dbg with. Download the dbg source module (no need to get the CLI version) from Untar into some folder on the Desktop. Return to your terminal and change into the just created folder with the dbg source in it. You need to change the deferphpize script now to make it work. Don't worry, it's not too complicated. Open the script in your favorite text editor. One of the first lines points to the phpize binary. Change that path from




Now, there are some switch case statements that check for the platform used. Mac isn't included, so you need to change two lines: Around line 22, change:




and again close to the end, change:




You pretty much let the script to the same thing it would do on Linux.

Now run ./deferphpize and it should create a file in your dgb source folder in a subfolder called modules. Copy that file to your PHP extension dir (it tells you that directory on the phpinfo page. It might not be defined in the binaries, just change it in php.ini to whereever you like. I have mine in /usr/local/php5/ext/. The rest of the instructions are the same as outlined in the phpeclipse wiki, see above for a link. You can now delete the dbg source folder, php source folder and binary folder from the Desktop, together with all the downloaded files if you want. I saved an extra copy of in my Documents folder, in case I should need it later.

I hope these instructions help you guys to get debugging to work in Eclipse with phpeclipse on the Mac.

Debugging on Windows with PHPEclipse

For Windows use, there are very good instructions available on the phpeclipse wiki. Make sure to use the latest version, 1.1.8. The dbg binaries for Windows are said to work under PHP 5.0.5 and 5.0.4 and earlier using the dbg binaries for 5.0.3. I am using 5.0.4 I think and all works well. Also, the most common reason for breakpoints not working even though DebugBreak() does, is a wrong remote sourcepath. Make sure it's correct.