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None type of extension has been produced in so many variants as calendars. Some are called calendars, others are called event database.

One reason for this development is that the early tt_calendar had quite few features. It was extended by extension layer upon extension layer. Those were full of bugs. The bugs wich were fixed by more layers. No coordination was done. No common integration was done early enough. A lot of alternatives popped up in the TER meanwhile.

--Elmar 15:22, 11 Dec 2005 (CET)

Current situation: multiple individual solutions

The wiki page of the calendar project gives a good impression about the multitude of calendars. Every calendar is specialized on a specific field. Some are Calenders that are meant to organzize the cooperation of a team, others are build to list events. Some include event booking, some use additional tables to handle recurring organizers, locations and categories. Not all calenders handle dates in a clean, general way. They run into problems with summertime or different timezones.

The calendar project

The calendar project aims to build THE (official) CALENDAR. While most of those multiple individual calendars are built within 2 or 3 weeks, this project tries to build THE CALENDAR since over one 1 year now. Regular proposals simply to take one of the existing calendars and to improve it, have been rejected. First results seem to be available. But they are still not ready to be published and so to be tested by the open public.

--Elmar 15:22, 11 Dec 2005 (CET)

Trial of abstraction

One reason for the still missing results of the calendar project is the aim to build the calendar on a very abstract model. Only few developers currently seem able to follow it. It will make intensive use of services and if it works we can learn something for other parts of ECT.

Regarding the different types of calendares they are a good reason for this abstraction. The individual solutions could extend the same abstract model. In result they should be compatible at least for the handling of the difficult date related points.

--Elmar 20:48, 11 Dec 2005 (CET)

Still no open standards

Although this abstraction is to appriciate I can't still discover the calendar project to really aim to base on established open calendar standards like iCal, wich is used by apple or the [mozilla calendar project] and a lot of other products for address exchange.

At least iCal is still on the agenda of calendar project. I hope to find the standards not only implemented as interfaces, but also as model for the database tables, so that other extensions can easily access them.

--Elmar 15:22, 11 Dec 2005 (CET)


Quickstart packages

It is the leading idea of quickstart packages to use already working extensions, to get results and to learn about the difficulties. As an existing calendar for events MJS Event Pro (mjseventpro) has already been proposed.

Finding the official calendar

If the calendar project comes to a overwheelming result, that beats out all existing solutions, within the next months it should become the official TYPO3 calendar. The advantage is that there is already a team that supports that calendar.

Maybe it makes send to base the proposed reimplementation of MJS Event Pro (mjseventpro) on the abstract model of calendar project. I can't estimate that now.

If this calander keeps being a phantom we need to think about an alternative way to find an official calendar for TYPO3. That way should probable base on one of the allready existing calendars. --Elmar 15:22, 11 Dec 2005 (CET)