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This page belongs to the Extension coordination team (category ECT)

This is an extension, using the MVC Framework (model view controller) for TYPO3. - This is a current running project so it's a HOT page.


  • core
  • extensions
  • addons
  • few rules
  • freedom of contribution
  • structure
  • standards



eFAQ is a working title. Proposals for project title:

  • Dogma
  • T3 Solar System (TSS)
  • User Driven Development (UDD)
  • Extension Collaboration System (ECS)
  • T3 Component Tree (TCT)
  • Extension Interoperability System (EIS)
  • T3 Evolutional Framework (TEF)
  • Dogma of Decentralizecd Development (DDD)


  • lib: Library for extensions
  • div: Static functions for extensions
  • efaq: Extensible FAQ
  • efaq_rss: Example RSS add-on for eFAQ
add-on efaq_rss
lib div
TYPO3 core

Analyse Quest Idea Gain

See MVC Framework/Extending Extensions for Background info.


  1. Providing a best practice example extension for the advanced usage of the MVC Framework lib/div
  2. Showcase for the flexibility of the multiple features the MVC Framework lib/div opens up
  3. Developing a successfull model for the team based work on a common extension project based on a defined standard for addons


  • making eFAQ the first "planet" with a defined extension API for add-ons to serve as a showcase
  • providing at least one "moon" extension as add-on of the showcase. (efaq rssfeed)
  • extensions are extended without using XCLASS but by the extensible controller of lib/div
  • defining a naming system, that makes it easy to incorporate successful add-ons into the extension itself
  • finding a cool name for the whole concept in a kind of contest to communicate the principle
  • later certification of selected "planets" by ECT

(see Standards)


Current Project Members