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Enhanced TypoScript editing with the jEdit editor

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If you do a lot of work with TypoScript templates (setup and constants) you may get frustrated by the capabilities of the textarea in the backend.

There is now an alternative! Using the jEdit programmer's editor (cross-platform) with the jeditvfs TYPO3 extension you can edit your templates (but not create them - yet) with syntax highlighting and auto-indent capabilities.

If you prefer to keep your templates as textfiles, using the include syntax <INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE: fileadmin/html/mainmenu_typoscript.txt"> , you can still use jEdit's syntax highlighting capabilities as long as the file has a .ts extension and you have the TypoScript plugin installed into jEdit (or version 4.3pre4 or later of jEdit, which now includes TS highlighting as standard). (click to enlarge)

To use this extension, download jEdit from and install the TypoScript plugin using the built-in plugin manager, then install the jeditvfs TYPO3 extension, and read the online help in jEdit for usage instructions (Help -> jEdit Help -> Plugins -> TypoScript).

Please note that this is not intended to replace the backend, rather to supplement it, similar to how extension PHP code is typically edited in an external editor rather than using the backend's file editor. It is a third-party development, not part of the Typo3 core.