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#1294587217: The page is not configured! [type=0][]. This means that there is no TypoScript object of type PAGE with typeNum=0 configured

This happens if you forget the line

page = PAGE

in the Setup field of your TypoScript record.

When you see this error, a TypoScript template is already there. In the backend go to the page with that TypoScript template. Most probably it is on the root page of your website; that is the one directly below the very first page, below the one with the TYPO3 logo next to it. Use the "Template" module to have a look at the template located at that page.

Use the Template module to modify that template: Select the "Info/Modify" screen from the drop-down box at the top. Then click on the pencil icon next to the word "Setup" and replace what you have in the Setup field with the following lines:

    # Default PAGE object:
    page = PAGE
    # Define output for typeNum=0, the default type.
    page.typeNum = 0
    page.10 = TEXT
    page.10.value = HELLO WORLD!

Save the template and open the page in the frontend. You should see the words "HELLO WORLD!".

Another possibility is that you are trying to access a page with an undefined page type. E.g., but you do not have a (page).typeNum = 123 defined in your TypoScript template.

== #1294587217: The page is not configured! [type=103][]. This means that there is no TypoScript object of type PAGE with typeNum=103 configured.

This error is thrown when an old dead link is called after update to TYPO3 CMS 6.2. Please see: Why no 404 error.

Using Bootstrap_package

You forgot to include the bootstrap_package static template.