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If you encountered this exception, please help others by providing information about how you got this error.
Especially if you have a solution, please login and add it to this page!

First of all: Please check, if you have configured your controller in ext_localconf.php

If the problem still comes up:

  1. Have a look at this, if you work with switchableControllerActions.
  2. Maybe you have changed your content element from another plugin to your new extbase plugin. In that case it may be that the previous plugin works with FlexForms (pi_flexform). Extbase will read these FlexForm-Configurations regardless, if your plugin needs them or not. So please delete current content element, create a new one and choose your plugin OR clear content of col pi_flexform in database of this content element.
  3. If you don't want to add the missing controller to ext_localconf.php you have the posibility to add following into your TypoScript:

plugin.your_extension.mvc.callDefaultActionIfActionCantBeResolved = 1

see [ERROR: Cannot get content for issue "31322"]

Another possibility is that you may have the same plugin twice on the same page with different switchable controller actions chosen. If there is one switchable controller action chosen on another plugin that does not allow this controller, you'll have to adapt your page setup or your switchable controller actions.