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The default controller can not be determined. Please check for Tx_Extbase_Utility_Extension::configurePlugin() in your ext_localconf.php

Basic requirements

This basically means that you need to define a controller in your ext_localconf.php. Usually the first entry is taken as default controller/action. Here's an example:

  'YourVendor.' . $_EXTKEY,
  // Plugin name
  // An array of controller-action combinations. The first one found is the default one.
    'YourController' => 'index,new,create,edit,update'
  // An array of non-cachable controller-action-combinations (they must already be enabled)
    'YourController' => 'new,create,edit,update'

Situation: Adding your plugin via TypoScript

This error can appear if you got your TypoScript wrong. Make sure that you write your settings with the first letter in uppercase and double-check your ext_localconf.

lib.test = USER_INT
lib.test {
  # Calling the extbase bootstrapper 
  userFunc = tx_extbase_core_bootstrap->run
  # Upcase!
  extensionName = MyExt
  # As you set it in Tx_Extbase_Utility_Extension::configurePlugin
  pluginName = Pi1

Situation: Adding the Plugin via Flexform Plugin

Extbase has the possibility to override internal configuration from Flexforms. This error might appear if you change a plugin from diffrent types.

Try deleting the plugin instance and add a new, or clear tt_content.pi_flexform field for current plugin, to avoid wrong switchableControllerActions from flexform.