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I received this exception under Typo3 7.6.9 when attempting to add the language ISO code to a language with the ID "0". It worked fine for the second language which was ID "1". Our TYPO3 is running on MySQL 5.5 and PHP 5.6. I tried clearing all caches in the Install tool and also setting the ISO code in the database table sys_language to 'de' for the language. It might be possible to simply change the ID to a positive integer value but then TYPO3 would probably not find the corresponding content.

I confirm, this issue is present in TYPO3 8.7.1 too. We have a multi-lingual setup running on TYPO3 8.7.1. Now, when translated records are present, then we do not face TYPO3 error, but only the localized records (sys_language_uid=1 in our case) open in multiple edit mode. We cannnot switch to "Default" language. If no translated records present, we see the TYPO3 error. This is a very important feature of TYPO3 and used by many BE Editors. Please check and fix the bugs!

TYPO3 multi-content edit error.png
================ This is a gridelement introduced bug =============

I like to throw lights on this further. This issue is not related to TYPO3 core, but gridelement extension! The extension is XCLASSing the class \TYPO3\CMS\Recordlist\RecordList\DatabaseRecordList. And while doing it, instead of using "$currentContainerIdList[] = $row['uid'];", it used the code $this->currentContainerIdList[] = $row['uid']; This makes the array $currentContainerIdList empty, which is passed to the call $out .= $this->renderListHeader($table, $currentIdList);

I wonder if that is still correct as gridelements does not contain $out .= $this->renderListHeader($table, $currentIdList); but $out .= $this->renderListHeader($table, $this->currentIdList); (ver 7.2.0). Maybe that has been fixed. I don't find a bug report though.


Happens to me in TYPO3 7.6.24 when creating a new Page. Created a Bug-Ticket:


The issue was solved here by comparing the database with the specification (see install tool > important actions). Make sure your table definitions are the same as they are in the current database!